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Default Extended range stutterwarp drives

No, I'm not talking about pushing a drive or delaying discharge. I'm talking about a brand new stutterwarp drive with a range greater than 7.7 ly.

The GDW version had two such ships. One was a single German (originally Bavarian) Vogelperspektive-class survey ship with a range of 8.7 ly. The other was the Trilon ISV-5 survey ship in the original boxed set, with a 8.9 ly range. However, this ship was built in large numbers ("... hundreds in use"...) including 30 sent to American forces at Ellis.

I assume the design rules for these extended range drives appeared in Star Cruiser. However, they seem not to have been carried over to the MgT version (unless they make an appearance in the new Ships of the French Arm, which I have yet to see.

Do you think that setting a limit and then allowing it to be broken by design (rather than difficult Engineering rolls) was a mistake?
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