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Originally Posted by kilemall View Post
It says for turret batteries and bays for energy weapons to value by weapon rating as a multiple times the EP powering a single turret- so the EP output of a Laser-5 battery is 5, a PA bay value of 5 yields 25 EP, etc.

Spinal weapons are by their EP input with no modification.

But there IS no meson gun turret. What is the proper multiplier for meson bay EP damage?
CT HG'80?
Originally Posted by HG'80, p42
The amount of energy a weapon transfers depends on its type and factor. Turret and bay weapons inflict a number of energy points equal to their factors times the energy point requirement for one such weapon installed in a turret. Non-nuclear missiles inflict two points times their factor; nuclear missiles inflict 100 points times their factor; meson guns inflict 20 points times their factor. Spinal mount weapons inflict their full energy point requirements. For example, a particle accelerator bay with a factor of 8 would inflict 40 energy points each time it hits and penetrates. If the target ship's black globe is operating at a flicker rate of 10%, the ship's capacitors would absorb 4 energy points.
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