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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
Frank steps forward to greet the clerk. "Yes, that was us. I actually sent you that message. I think first I'd like to see your best neuro-stunner pistol, please."
[Since the clerk hasn't responded...]
Frank moves over to the displayed items that the clerk had indicated as being selected in response to his message. He picks out and examines the best quality neuro-stunner pistol that he sees [can he touch it and pick it up, or is there a barrier?], and evaluates whether it will fit smoothly into his current holster, or require a new holster. [If he can handle the gun, he asks permission to check the fit, then takes his own pistol out and lays it on the counter so that he can try the actual fit of the stunner in his holster.]

If the gun is satisfactory, Frank tells the clerk that he will take it, along with three energy cells for it (or batteries, or whatever it uses) [, and a holster, if it didn't fit well in his]. He next asks about electronic sights for it that will be compatible with his contact lens HUD (standard Imperial LEO issue).
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