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Originally Posted by McPerth View Post
Well. I guess implicit in my OP is the question about the officilaty (or lack of it) of the Travellermap (that keeps being a very good tool, official or not)...
Mongoose Publishing has this to say, in Book 1 of its Great Rift series:

Quote: of the most popular astronavigational databases, generally known as Travellermap (which can be visited in real life at by its users, was created by the Travellers Aid Society for use by its members and has since been widely disseminated.
(Along with many words to explain why it only has the data that it has, and any and all conflicts it has with other canon sources.)

I read that as saying that Travellermap is canon, according to Mongoose Publishing.

Now, Travellermap also has stuff that is non-canon, and marked as such. But if it's there and marked official, that would seem to qualify it as canon. Thus, Tash appears to have been handed a canonicity stamp in this regard, at least as far as Mongoose is concerned.
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