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I believe IIRC that the one I use I got from the Free lance Traveller site. The one I have is version 1.14 of MTCG, done by Greg Svenson. The version I got is not error free, but its better than nothing, and actually does quite well.

Some notable errors:
1. After generating a character, program prompts "Do you want to generate another character y/n" If you choose Y, the program crashes. Thus, you have to open the program each time you do a new character.
2. Minor race aliens, like the Vegans, are listed as available, but can't be loaded [Maybe because they aren't really there?]
3. The pirate chargen doesn't work; characters ALWAYS wind up on the prison tables [perhaps a little Imperial influence going on here ].
4. Program will occaisionally freeze when generating a belter character. I have yet to figure out exactly why this occurs, or how to replicate the error to understand why it occurs.
5. Droyne psionics does not look right in this program. Instead of the usual training, it seems like you just get one level of skill each time you go to the psionics school. I'm not sure thats right; it isn't treated that way in the Alien module [or at least I didn't read it that way; I could be mistaken].
6. Scouts are given retirement pay. Not a biggie, as long as you remember that they don't get a pension.

Now, as I've said previously, it ain't the most perfect program, but it's better than nothing, and does actually do well. I've generated about twenty pages worth of NPC's and PC's with it. It just makes everything go fast. Hopefully, Mr Svenson will come out with a version 1.15. If you out there, Mr Svenson, could you put a new one together...

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