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I typed up this list for the TML, its a bit out of date, but should have alot of usefull bits for you.

This is something I started putting together I think last year sometime.
I've added some more stuff to the list. If I've missed anything, or if
you can help me find stuff I'm looking for, please drop a line.

A small and probably very incomplete listing of enhanced character
tables that are available.

Two tables of note: James Jensen has developed "The Generic Expanded
Character Generation System," which is meant to cover all careers which
do not have enhancement generation. In addition, Greg Svenson has
developed his "MT Character Generator" which has a multitude of
enhanced options. Both of these are available at Freelance Traveller.

enhanced? where available
Navy yes Ct: Bk5 MT: Players Manual
Marines yes Ct: Bk4 MT: Players Manual
Army yes Ct: Bk4 MT: Players Manual
Scouts yes Ct: Bk6 MT: Players Manual
Flyers yes MT: COACC
Sailors Maybe? Stardrive magazine (Vol 1, #1) had an article called "Nautical Force Command", which had expanded char-gen rules for Sailors. Note: I've never seen this, don't know where to
find it. I'd be very interested if this or any other enhanced chargen for the wet navy exists. I'd also be interested in other enhanced chargen for COACC.

Law Enforcer yes Challenge 30, "There when you need
them." Also, the "John Law" series of articles to be found at Freelance Traveller. In addition, Police and Ministry of Justice are available at Beowulf Down's Repair Bays.
See also Rogues, listed below:

Doctor yes "Imperial Academy of Science and Medicine" found in JTAS#22

Diplomat ?

Bureaucrat ?

Scientist yes Challenge 29, "Scientists," also "Imperial Academy of Science and Medicine," found in JTAS#22

Noble yes GypsyComets' Advanced Noble for CT, in TML Digest #892

Merchant yes CT: Bk7 MT: Players Manual
Also the special Merchants supplement from JTAS [a draft version of Bk 7?]

Belter yes "Belter: Mining in the Far Future," by Joe Walsh.
Located at:

Pirate yes "Pirates of Space," by Joe Walsh.
Located at:
Also Alan Shocks Pirates at Freelance Traveller.
See also the Rogues list, below:

Rogue yes Numerous tables available:
"Expanded Rogue, Private Eye, & Cop Character Generation for Classic
Traveller," By Russell Bornschlegel with much help from Jeff Zeitlin
Located at:

<snipaging posted material from GypsyComet and Phill Webb:>
>Rogues were also done in Dragon Magazine Issue 97: Rogues of the
>Galaxy Also in White Dwarf of olde: Pirates, Thugs, Thieves,
>Assassins and Conmen.
>In Dungeoneer: Spies, and basic versions of Police, Bureaucrats,
>Detectives, Laborers, and an odd version of Smugglers.
>In (I think) Adventure Gaming: Rebels, Insurgents and Partisans.

Hunter yes Located at Traveller Central, in the
"CharGen" section.

Barbarian ?

Journalist yes Challenge 27, "Journalism and the

Iris yes Challenge 34, "MT characters for IRIS"

Personnel yes "Sky Port Authority," JTAS#19

Entertainers yes Located at Traveller Central, in the Chargen

Mercenaries yes Located in MT Book Hard Times

I have not been able to find any enhanced chargen for Barbarians,
Diplomats, or Bureaucrats. I would be very interested if anyone had
enhanced chargen for these careers
At the time I posted this I only had 4 of the Alien modules; now I've got them all. They also have enhanced chargen, although they are mostly modifications of chargen from CT books 4-7.
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