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I got the rest of my order yesterday, and I'm so happy!

What I ordered aside from the T5 dice was all four CT CDs (CT, Apocrypha 1, Apocrypha 2, and JTAS). I own physical versions of nearly all of the published materials on the discs, but I wanted searchable PDFs. I got much more than that!

When I got the CDs yesterday, I popped one in the drive and took a look at the contents. It is indeed a huge set of PDFs, which is nice, but there's also a lot of supplemental material that is just fantastic to have, like little notes on how something came about, or first-draft art that was submitted for approval way back when. I look forward to going through this set file by file and reveling in my Traveller geekdom next weekend.

(BTW, as with the dice, this order included a fun bonus -- a printed deckplan and a printed sector map, both on cardstock. Nice touch!)
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