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as I pointed out to the GM If I can access and buy a Starship I should be able to get my hands on Modern Firearms, best he's let me do is a TL-4 Bolt Action Rifle, a TL-4 Bolt Action Big Game Rifle and a TL-4 Revolver.

the Joe Commandos that we tangled with in the first adventure found that Ballistic Cloth is only little better than being nude against 0.460 Magnum Rifles, the three round Magazine was a bit of a drawback until we looted some Joes for their ACR's and where able to go full Rock N' Roll with the 9mm Slug. although we where able to salvage a few hundred rounds each from the Joes CP we are going to have to be careful with using the ACR's, I've still got close to a thousand 0.460 Mag and a even thousand .303.
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