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Default Space Barbarians!!

Due to our GM of alternative weekend games being a MT fan who gets anal sometimes about stuff like Homeworld Generation, we are currently stuck with some Space Barbarians, myself and one other player generated Homeworlds in the same descriptor range (medium size, standard atmo, wet, mid law, E class starport, Pre-Industrial tech) five of us where hitting verious books (Sup 3, Keepers of the Flame, Imperial Encyclopedia, Imperial Atlas ect) looking for a world that fit that discriptor and not for lack of trying the only one we could find at the time was Rorre, now we are meant to be Imperials but we couldn't find a world that had a two thirds or better match so we ended up as being Impies in Exile. Pre-Industrial kind of limits your Career Choices (Other, Sailor, Barbarian, Hunter or if you have the Soc Noble) I got lucky and rolled ACAA8C so I skipped the whole Enlistment thing and opted for Noble after Rocking the 1st term I failed to reenlist and ended up ACAA8D and with a Skill list that kind of looks like Book 1 Space Navy (just ignore the Leader and Hunting Skills).

the other player with a Rorre homeworlded character got her wish to play a Barbarian, she also rocked the first term and failed to reenlist.

the other two players went through five characters in the first adventure so I'll refer to them but am unlikely to post the full stats of the deceased.

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