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Originally Posted by Rigel Stardin View Post
I could never understand why Traveller ship design didn't allow for ships to travel from point A to point B and back again without a fuel scoop?
The problem is the volume based nature of the jump drive and it's fuel. You can easily design a ship that can do a Jump 3 round trip. A J4 round trip is more difficult, as you simply have less and less to work with. And a J5-6 is impossible. (Note, TNE uses completely different numbers -- you can get enough fuel for a round trip J6 in a ship in TNE.)

But predominant reason you don't need to do that is the same reason I can drive my car from Southern California to San Francisco and back without needing to have a 1000 mile internal range. They have gas stations in San Francisco. (That's not just hearsay, I've been there and checked myself!)

When you have an infrastructure that supports it, you can delegate more responsibilities to it. Wilderness refueling is just such an infrastructure. Considering the expense of moving volume through jump, plus the expense in terms of time of comparing short jumps to long jumps, combine with the relatively "cheap" capabilities of wilderness refueling, no wonder ships are designed for one way trips.

The only place this is an actual problem is for the military and exploration. Not so much for civilian traffic in a populated arm of space.
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