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Default AD&D 2E Combat Round

For those of you familiar with AD&D 2E, how do you read the combat round procedure. More specfically, where does movement take place?

AD&D Combat Round
1. DM decides secretly on NPC/Monster actions.

2. Players declare actions.

3. Initiative is rolled.

4. Round is resolved.

I would think that movement takes place after initiative is rolled when the round is resolved, but some of the examples in the rule book seem to hint towards a type of movement phase that happens during the Declaration step.

The example in the book has a dwarf fighter declarig that he's charging some Orc's, and the player playing the mage decides not to declare that the mage is starting to cast a fireball for fear of hitting the dwarf.

This would indicate that the dwarf moved, others moved after him, then initiative is rolled and attacks are resolved.

Of course, that example uses the game's default initiative rules were only one initiative throw is made for each side, allowing an entire side to go first or last.

I've tried to find some clarifcation on this on the net, but, so far, to no avail.

Your thoughts?
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