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Originally Posted by jfetters View Post
Is there a spreadsheet that assists with MT Starship generation?
I'd be willing to bet there are better spreadsheets out there somewhere, but I have one that I am using you are welcome to. Take a look at this thread and see if you like the sheet. If you do, send a PM and I'll e-mail a copy.

Originally Posted by zonk View Post
I'm not looking for spreadsheets so much, although I can see their value, but does anyone have an example of the multiple powerplant designs that, apparently, became necessary in Mega-Traveller?
Follow the same link and you'll see my attempt at a multiple-plant design - not really a multiple plant but one broken into pieces to calcualte fuel requirements. I've got some good feedback from Far-Trader and am adjusting the design based off that. I think it will continue to evolve as more experienced gearheads weigh in.
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