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Default Skill Levels, narrative style

As a way of always trying to improve the narrative style of role playing, as opposed to roll playing has anyone come up with terms to describe the various skill levels in MegaTraveller/CT.

level 0 = clueless
level 1 = novice
level 2 = skilled
level 3 = experienced
level 4 = professional
level 5 = expert
level 6+ = mastery

This way one can describe the flow of as such:

Dirk has innate MASTERY over computers attempts to reprogram the Vargr mainframe; it is a DIFFICULT task but succeeded with remarkable success. However, he has inadvertently triggered the laser tripwire, and whilst SKILLED at LOCKPICKING there is no way override this FORMIDABLE trap. He dons the outfit of the janitor that he picked up earlier, CLUELESS, he will attempt to poise as the Vargr.
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