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As I stated in an earlier post, it is still not certain that Dulinor died (there is a little gem in GT Starports)...

Certainly, the ISS Sargon exploded, but we do not know why it exploded...

Naturally, the Grey Faces could be having us on, and they could have known about the plot against Stephon and taken action.

But, IMGTU (In My GURPS Traveller Universe), if I would play in the milieu...if there was such a thing, it would better play Dulinor with his memory wiped (such as in Memory Alpha) and dump him in the Hinterworlds where he could play the role of a rising star.

GT remains a goldmine of consolidating CT data but I wish that I could see more concepts being fleshed out rather than just their quick insertion.

For example,

The Planetary Survey books seemed to be heading in the right direction but then SJG decided to just do worlds already discussed in canon, as well as, new worlds. Sadly, I would have only preferred new worlds, as to enrich my understanding of the Traveller Universe. Also, innovative was the Black, Grey, White segments that oulined other possible Traveller universes, but this idea was also dropped. I also had very high hopes for Humaniti, having enjoyed the other GT: AM but again there was something missing.

Therefore, my gaming dollar/euro, I would rather support QLI, as they are a company that seems to be innovating and expanding frontiers until T5 comes into being,
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