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Everything I have seen LKW say about the GTU says that everything prior to 1116 (except for a couple of very minor items necessary to kill Dulinor) are identical between the OTU and the GTU.

The GT rulebook specifically states in the sidebar on p30 that
The reason Strephon was away from Capital remains the same in both universes, ...
Strephon was away to check up on the Longbow project, which was being affected by the EW. Consequently, the EW is almost guaranteed to be in the GTU.

Of course, this is practically irrelevant, as the EW won't reach Imperial space for at least another 80 (game) years. Same for the practical effects on the Zhodani to appear. That won't happen for another 80 years, too.

So, while the EW is in the GTU, it doesn't really matter as it is just too far in the future to make any difference.

Quick explanation:
The Empress Wave is a psionic "wave" that seems to have a negative effect on psions. It is moving from "core-ish" out at approximately the speed of light. As it is washing over the Zhodani Consulate, it is causing significant disturbances with the Consulate. By the time of TNE (1200) the Consulate has crumbled as a result.

The full explanation of the EW will be given in the TNE 1248 sourcebook being playtested right now from QLI. (Truth in advertising: they haven't gotten to that chapter yet.)
The Longbow project description is right in the GT sourcebook. (I am assuming you have that.)
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