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I should know better by now...

Explicitly? None. However, each book has to be vetted by him prior to publication. Hence things like "jump masking" can be presumed to apply to the OTU. Remember that the only thing changed, officially, is the historical events surrounding the assination. Now, G:V does serious violence to Traveller on many occasions, but in theory it's all describing the same physical universe. It's like you're using an old soviet physics text instead of a western physics text <WEG>.

In the end it's like every other supplement - if you're a writer you have to consider it. If not, pick and choose 'cause it's YTU.

I use much (nearly all) of the non-GURPS specific material IMTU. Since I don't care for GURPS as a system, the rest falls aside. I'm sure others feel differntly (Cue Consty... )

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