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Well, it is not to admire how GT is slowly rewriting cannon, like an virus inscribes DNA. Virus, is a harsh word, I admit, but I cannot find a better analogy.

Some of the stuff actually broke new ground but then GT quickly reverted into just repeating the CT line.

There is just a wish here on the boards that GT would actually say something different about the Traveller universe. And, yet keeping it consistant with what is the Traveller canon. An impossible task? I don't think so, as they would need only do the things that GT did very well.

More supplements like Kamsii or Bounty Hunters would be appreciated, as these were underexplored areas in CT.

Posing some of the real big questions in GT, like what happened to Dulinor? Is the Imperium ommipotent or impotent?

What is the relationship between GT & MT as there seems to be many parallel occurences?

Are the Solomani a real Party-State or just a misunderstood democracy?

What ultimately is the end point of GT?

If GT does on average better sales than the other GURPS line, why not produce more?
As long as there are stars in the sky and dreams about the universe, as long as there are chronicles of high adventure to recount, there will always be Traveller.

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