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Quick, mobilize the fleets. These people are all traitors.

Margaret backs slavery and the self interest of her husband's corporate interests.

Bzrk has take a big chunk of the Imperium and handed over to doggy hating pirates.

Craig is a lizard.

The Vilani are living in the past, the very very distant past.

Lucan is a murderer and a spoilt brat, don't know which is worse.

Norris is a power mad liar who has consistently usurped the legitimate power. would be suprised if he arranged his elder sibling's fatal accident whilst he was still serving in the INI.

Solomani can't even agree a consistent policy for themselves let alone the Imperium.

Adair feigns support but is busy carving out his own petty polity.

Tranian is a weak willed moron that allowed the dissolution of the moot and advanced the war by his inaction.

Dulinor. Capable but he did try to murder his supposed friend.

Strephon forever.
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"I have come to believe there is nothing in the lives of human beings more terrifying than war and nothing more important than for those of us who have experienced it to share its awful truth."- Ron Kovic
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