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Originally posted by kaladorn:
Ah, okay. He might have been, at that. He got some sort of sidebar mention, didn't he...? Hmmm.
He had a reasonable mention in Rebellion Sourcebook, in the section on Lucan's faction. Essentially, he was the only Archduke (besides Adair of Sol, who wasn't in any position to support anyone!) to support Lucan. He was an example of the honourable noble doing what he felt was right, even if Lucan was a total jerk.

While he wouldn't break with Lucan unless Lucan broke with him first, he would be in a good position to inherit control of the better bits of Lucan's faction once Lucan stops a bullet.

Of course, potentially he might then declare for Margaret! She is, after all, the next in the Alkhalikoi line of succession. But that would be a rather suicidally formalistic measure, that he might not be willing to take.

Either way, he's one of the rare examples of named second tier leaders we have, so he needs to be considered when we ponder possible outcomes of the Rebellion.

As for Strephon: forget it. Real or fake, he ain't comin' back.
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