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Hmm, this is one Larsen should put his thinker on for. And a few others.

My first thought is I really like Larsen's Wounded Collosus. I wish he'd really detailed it up a bit more, mind you [img]smile.gif[/img] <no hint here Bill, no not by half!>

Anyway, what I was really thinking when I read this was this wasn't a solution I think anyone has seriously considered (or that I've seen discussed, at any rate). Rather than 'grind each other into nothing, revert to barbarism' or 'reunite the empire', what about the very option you propose?

People agreeing (whether they really want to or are just tired out) to stop fighting, to start rebuilding, to agree that everyone should just have a different polity (thus we have 8 or 9 large remainder states, plus a whole new scad of buffers and independents) and then having them knock out some mutual defence pacts, some non-aggression treaties, a cease fire, and get trading back on line and the lifeblood of the OTU flowing again. This might be something like some of the historic trading leagues, with lots of different people represented.

Now sure, on the one hand, the powers that be want to finish it. Some of them. But after a few years of peace, some may discover they're just as happy at peace and have enough to worry about. Some may discover that their *people* are happy at peace, and aren't anxious to go back to the war. Some may discover that their *megacorps* and other trading interests are so happy to be back in the black, that they'll pressure the government not to go back to conflict.

The more I consider it, the more I think this is possibly one of the sanest solutions to MT I have *ever* heard of.

Furthermore, it would lead to a sort of European feel, with lots of small allied and opposed states, with independents, with all the 'shake up' the MT designers were looking for, with the chance to rebuild from a bit of a tough blow (good for the TNE crowd to get behind, though not quite the apocalypse of the collapse and hard times), it could avoid the whole virus (or come up with a technowhizbang solution to deal with it), and it could allow for a lot of free wheeling trading, intriguing, and small military adventures. For those wanting stable territory, there are quite a few large empirelets that each have several stable sectors. There are frontiers for people who want them. And there are wilds.

Oddly, I think this is one of the most thoughtful injections into the MT discussion since I've rejoined the traveller community 2 or 3 years ago after a long hiatus in other games.

This merits discussion and thought.
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