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I'm currently revising my combat mechanics for MT... (Mainly since My website went away).

Under the vehicle combat rules, however, 1 minute turns become somewhat viable for ship combat. (ROF's are listed in the Ref's Manual for all hardpoint weapons.)

1 minute is 60 seconds, or 600m/s vector change per G, or 36000m/min vector change. Using a half-G hex size (18km) makes the ranges as listed reasonable.

I thnk I will go through striekr and revise the damages.

Meson damage formula
where Rb= burst radius in m.
Or, simplifying,

- you are using the DPx10 erratum from the Ref's Screen.
- x8 is the maximum possible damage modifier
- Rb is 5m * USP Conversion Value (A=10, F=15, L=20, etc)
- I remebered Sphere vol correct as 4/3PiR^3
- I calculated correctly.

I would raise the difficulty of meson fire by 1 level, due to the need to be three-d intercept in a short-length pulse.

(Most beams can treat the itnerecpt as a a 2d-solution...)
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