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Well, Tranian's a later day construct (ie I don't know as if he is actually referred to other than GT or later T4+ dates... I don't recall seeing him mentioned in MT). That doesn't discount him, but I was thinking initially of working mostly within the list of available candidates inside MT itself.

Margaret might be an arguably more legitemate heir. Or maybe Lucan sired a child before being whacked. And maybe whoever steps into his place takes over as 'Regent', still maintaining Lucan's legitimacy as Emperor, hence the heir's eventual legitemate succession. This could introduce a period of calm while the Regent grows up....

I'm not sure if I dislike or like Margaret. I dislike some things attributed to her, but they may be hostile spin rather than fact.

Of course, my favourite noble is Craig, from what I know. He seems closest to my idea of what a noble is supposed to be, perhaps Norris or Brzrk in second and third (either or).

A different Rebellion might never see the development and release of the Virus. So no problem to clean up....

I actually felt bad when Brzrk got killed off... I thought that was cheap....
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