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Originally posted by kaladorn:
An interesting twist on removing Lucan would be letting the Brotherhood of Varian get their pound of flesh. It would be a sort of poetic justice.

That might offer a path for a Wounded Collosus solution under Duke Craig or Norris even. Or some other lesser known Imperial relative.
I certainly agree with letting the Brothers of Varian whack Lucan. It might be a little less probable than having Lucan be whacked by his own supporters, but it is certainly possible, and a better story. So that's the way I would go, regardless of the details of the rest of the story.

Unfortunately, Lucan's legitimate heir seems to be Margaret! His most obvious de facto heir seems to be Archduke Tranian of Gateway.

I can't see Craig or Norris ending up at the top of the pile. Margaret, Tranian, Isis or Admiral Hutara are all more likely, IMHO. Margaret through "legitimacy", Tranian through de facto inheritance from Lucan, Isis through legitimate inheritance from Dulinor, and Hutara through a coup against Dulinor or Isis.

Frankly, I wouldn't want Margaret to win. I dislike her almost as much as Dulinor and Lucan.

But then, I'm not a big fan of Wounded Colossus outcomes in general.

One I might be tempted to accept would be Isis/Hutara/Tranian. One Empress, two Admirals/Archdukes... Plus Adair of Sol, and maybe Craig and Norris, but they're all too far away and too "busy" to really matter. And Margaret is still the "legitimate" Empress.

I still would prefer Dulinor to die as in the OTU, with only the adjustments necessary to eliminate Virus. After all, nobody has suggested that poor Brzk shouldn't get killed off!

My personal preference is obviously for a setting of relatively stable fragments, rather than
"reunification", but these are really just different settings within a reasonable set of probabilities.
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