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I don't know that moving the point of departure up changes anything for Dulinor or Lucan. Assuming we don't change their characters (which presents a plethora of new options), they are both pretty much set to run their course.

Lucan is flat out nuts. Killing his brother somehow unhinged him. After that, he was making very few rational decisions. If he doesn't kill Varian, then who knows what happens?

Dulinor is committed the moment his bullet hits the Emperor/clone. Once that happens, he must either succeed in taking the throne, or his life, legacy, dynasty, everything for him, is forfeit.

The only thing I can think of changing that would make much difference is to change Lucan into a rational human being. Of course, if he is rational, then he gets confirmed, the other parties get in line behind him, and the Rebellion never happens. Instead we get the Second Ilelish Revolt.
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