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Originally posted by daryen:
So Aramis' overall point was correct. The Rebellion situation could not remain static and some factions would be forced to win or die trying.
Yes. This is true for Lucan and Dulinor, IMHO.

As a result, you either have to have one of them win, or both of them eliminated.

Note that you only have to eliminate _them_, not their factions. It would be easy enough to have them succeeded by people that would end the war.

Of course, that "end" could merely be a Korean War-style ceasefire, rather than a "real" peace. The possibility of a new war can always be left open. In fact, it probably should, since that's more interesting.

Most of the other factions were battered around enough to need a breather, so they can be assumed to accept a tacit peace.

The Solomani are the main problem, of course, but we have some "standard" excuses for them stopping with reconquering the old Solomani Sphere.
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