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Ah, okay. He might have been, at that. He got some sort of sidebar mention, didn't he...? Hmmm.

Okay, anyway, he got more discussion in GT if I recollect correctly.

You know, I always thought the original Strephon was a fake (which he was, then later was not). Of course, Longbow II was a long way in coming to light...

I'm just not sure how Strephon could take over again after he made such a bollix of the whole business. His judgement was pretty poor - he was gone, he had allowed regionalism to flourish in the IG, he had trusted Dulinor but not listened to him (very much), and his screw up had cost the Empire an awful lot of dead people. How do you get back up on the horse after that? I'm not sure you can and I'm not sure I'd trust someone that had that kind of record ever again (as a peon in his realm).

I think once he'd dropped the ball so badly, new blood of some kind was required....
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