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An interesting twist on removing Lucan would be letting the Brotherhood of Varian get their pound of flesh. It would be a sort of poetic justice.

Then another might come to power who was more reasonable. He still couldn't really support Dulinor as that would imply he'd have to bow to him, but he could agree to get along with a Dulinor-sized fragment (or a Dulinor-spawned fragment if Dulinor is himself removed or steps down).

The other aspect could be letting Dulinor exit with some grace - admitting their were some issues in the Imperium and that there was stagnation and maybe instituting some of his chosen goals, while also saying his methods suck and he can't be the successor. That might offer a path for a Wounded Collosus solution under Duke Craig or Norris even. Or some other lesser known Imperial relative.

There are probably ways to permute the situation to generate any of N outcomes, of which some subset P are reasonably plausible. I think the thought excercise here is to figure out a passable way to get from the assassination to a meta-stable configuration with multiple domain sized remnant states that can (at least for a time) agree to coexist and to restart trade and whatnot.

One of the things to keep in mind is that there have been for some time beforehand some strong regional forces. The Imperium was, in some ways, held together by the weight of tradition and inertia. These regionalizing forces could conceivably form a metastable alternative.
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