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Ah, Daryen, but that's sort of what I was getting at. The character is established over time. Before the MT setting's first page, I'd never heard of Dulinor or Lucan. Before the various DGP articles outlining their policies and opinions about one another, I only had vague feelings about them. Before subsequent developments, I wouldn't have considered Lucan a total fruitloop. So yes, in effect, I am suggesting an edit. If we're editing around the classical end (or lack thereof) of the Rebellion, maybe some character edits fit into that (assuming we don't have them killed).

Is he nuts? Did killing his Bro do it or was he always a bit unhinged? Or is he just hyper ambitious and a bit sociopathic/psychopathic? He may just not really care much about his brother, other than that 'he got in the way'.

Dulinor is only 'forfeit' if anyone can take him out. If the rest of the Imperial fragments were to go their own way, sure, he'd be unwelcome in Lucanite territory, but there are arguable precedents for the legality of his actions and I'm not sure Norris would give his polity grief it if approached them on good terms. Sure, Norris might not approve, but if having peace meant preventing the backsliding of the overall Imperial population base, even if it does mean they are temporarily broken into other polities, he'd probably be okay with that.

Sure, Dulinor personally might consider himself a failure and choose to step down or pop himself off. But he might just accept that he failed and revert to worrying about his people, the ostensible underlying reason for his actions.

When I have some time (this weekend if I have some cycles), I'll try to sketch out an alternative timeline and some events/changes that might make this a reasonable outcome.
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