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I sort of feel for Tucker (I prefer player decisions and the rules as established to murder players... though sometimes I bail them out if it is bad luck, not bad decisions, that has them in trouble).

I have tried to port BL to MT... ouch. There are some really good bits there, but the lack of MFDs, the different tech, and the allocation of systems to hull locations makes this a bit of a bear. I was thinking of linking MFDs to computer type, but that makes liners rather dangerous! The hit location thing doesn't get any easier, and if I'm not mistaken their are some distinctions between hull types in the two games too.

I'd publish some of my work, but anything referent to MT or to BL is going to infringe someone's IP rights. And publishing the 'other bits' is just too disjoint to be easily readable.

I might be keen, someday, to try a from scratch re-write of space combat for MT, using the generality of the task system and the existing ship designs to come up with a workable fun game a bit like BL.
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