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Originally Posted by Gallowglacht View Post
Or is it a case of supporting it so they can release a suppliament that might serve your needs. Sort of like buying Gurps Traveller stuff, because it detailed and high quality even if you don't like GURPS as a system? Because that standpoint I can understand and support.
There are, in my case, two different factors at work here.

The first is that Traveller's editions constitute a huge toolbox. Early CT, revered by so many, was obviously designed around that concept well before the Third Imperium setting came into its own, but even afterwards it remains all about the tools available to the Referee. Do I buy new tools to compliment the existing ones? You betcha. Some of them I may never use, but I know how they work (or don't) and I know they exist. I'll avoid posting my usual "edition blindspots" rant, and simply boil it down to two well known aphorisms: "Why reinvent the wheel?" and "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it."

Secondly, yes, "because it's Traveller". Every edition released has wanted to be "the one" that would carry the torch forward, and every edition has had that potential at the start. T4 squandered that potential very, very quickly, but the rest retained it to their last products. No product line can move forward or reach its full potential without customers, however, so I do my part in the hope that each edition will reach its potential. "Because it's Traveller" and I want Traveller to succeed.
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