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Originally Posted by DaddyDragon View Post

I'm not a fan of MGT. That said, I have purchased my own copy to support it, because it is Traveller. And I'd rather see Traveller that doesn't completely meet my needs, than to not see Traveller back on the shelves in stores at all (you can quantify that with the fact that no one I game with, except my son, will ever even consider playing it).
This bit I dont get. And it struck me in the vote for Traveller in the ennies thread aswell.
I buy and play Traveller because its a good game, not out of Brand loyalty. It should thrive or die on its own merits.

The reason to buy MGT should be because you like it. The reason not to buy should be because you don't like it. Just because its Traveller isn't enough and shouldn't be enough. If it is bad it deserves to die, not have fans drip feed it sales like life support. I dont even think it needs the support, and MGT sales seem to back up this idea.

But I'm confused, do people really believe you should buy something you don't like just because it says Traveller on the cover? I voted in the ennies, but for Star Wars SAGA as I honestly felt it was the better product. This doesn't mean I'm not a Traveller fan, I'm currently running Traveller.

Or is it a case of supporting it so they can release a suppliament that might serve your needs. Sort of like buying Gurps Traveller stuff, because it detailed and high quality even if you don't like GURPS as a system? Because that standpoint I can understand and support.