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How could some people not ‘hate’ (or at least dislike) the new version of Traveller?

Looking simply at ‘Game Mechanics’:
Classic Traveller is a much simpler game mechanic than MegaTraveller which in turn is far simpler than the FF&S level of complexity of The New Era. Mongose Traveller (from what I saw) fell closer to the ‘MegaTraveller’ level of task/combat complexity than the ‘Classic Traveller’ rules. It seems therefore, unavoidable that existing fans who preferred Classic Traveller (and feel MT and TNE were a step in the wrong direction) will find ‘Mongoose Traveller’ too complex. At the same time, those fans who embraced the increased complexity of Traveller as it evolved, will probably find the initial Mongoose Traveller book too simplistic – perhaps holding out a hope that Mercenary and High Guard will add the ‘realistic’ crunch that they like.

Looking simply at the ‘Setting’:
Classic Traveller presented a large stable Imperium to adventure in. MegaTraveller presented a cluster of small kingdoms fighting for control and survival with large tracts of ‘no man’s land’. The New Era presented an external threat that threatened the survival of each individual world. These are VERY different settings to adventure in. Mongose Traveller has clearly chosen the ‘Classic Traveller’ Era. Those fans who LIKE the warfare of the Shattered Imperium or the dark struggle of the Virus will not be happy with the old Imperium of Mongose Traveller.

Combining the existing permutations yields:
  • CT Mechanics - Imperium
  • MT Mechanics - Imperium
  • TNE Mechanics - Imperium
  • CT Mechanics - Rebellion
  • MT Mechanics - Rebellion
  • TNE Mechanics - Rebellion
  • CT Mechanics - Virus
  • MT Mechanics - Virus
  • TNE Mechanics – Virus
… and of these nine historic fan groups, only one group will find Mongoose Traveller ‘everything that they hoped for’. [Note that we have not even mentioned T20, GURPS and Hero fans – who already have a commercially available game that they like.]

What I see:
What I see is for every “X version is the best and I will never change” fan that Hates Mongoose Traveller, there seems to be another rabid “Pro-Mongoose Traveller” fan that takes any observation or criticism as a personal attack on their God, Country and Mother.

Mongoose Traveller creates characters with many more skills than Classic Traveller did. This is not a criticism, just a statistical fact. MegaTraveller and TNE also generate characters with more skills than the CT LBB1 or LBB 4-7 characters (for what that might be worth).

I share the opinion of others that high skill levels can easily break the 2D6 curve. I also feel that characters with too many skills dilutes the value of each and every character. In my humble opinion, the Ship’s engineer should be essential to repairing damaged drives – the gunner and steward should not be free to jump in with their Eng-1 because every character has enough skills to operate the ship solo in a crunch.

This is a style of play issue. I find Mongoose Traveller characters a little too ‘super-hero’ [I can do anything] for my taste – but I like CT LBB 1 characters, so I am part of a significant [but vocal] minority.