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Originally Posted by Supplement Four View Post

I think some are disappointed that MGT didn't live up to the promise made when the idea was launched. Remember the press release. It sounded exciting! I was on board!!

I wondered how they were going to make a "lite" version completely compatible with T5 using an entirely different mechanic, but they said they could do it. So, I believed them.

What we got was not what was promised.

Massive dissappointment.
First of all, it was a little hard to be compatible with T5 when at that time T5 wasn't finished (and still isn't). Mongoose made a decision to instead make the game compatible with the best-selling version of the game. might still turn out to be quite usable with T5. Given that both supposedly proceed from the same source material, if T5 is designed correctly it really should be no more difficult to use MGT materials with T5 and vice versa than it is to use MT, T4 or CT stuff with it. TNE is of course the issue here, but even that can be used.

My stance on T5 has changed somewhat...I do plan to order the CD and will likely use stuff from it in my game. But I really prefer rules light systems and like MGT on that basis.

Maybe I just didn't allow myself to get my original expectations up there too high. All I know is, around here with a whole group of Traveller newbies (only one person had played T4), they love the game and have ordered copies for themselves.


EDIT: Confession time. My initial hostility towards T5 was largely caused by the cancellation of Martin J. Dougherty's Avenger Classic Traveller project which at the time was thought to be due to T5. Information that has come to light since suggests it was really more due to the advent of MGT. ACT was excellent. and with Martin writing for Mongoose, maybe some of those good ideas will filter through into the new game now. So..I'm mellowing on the whole T5 thing. I just can't quite afford the $35 yet.

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