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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Responding to myself (how gauche!):
the goal behind T5 should be making the best possible game system, maintaining what 'works' from previous editions, but unafraid to make aggressive changes and improvements where warranted. CT was a product of the 1970s; T5 must be able to hold up into the 2010s.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Looking at this the next day, I realize my intention may be unclear. By no means am I calling for the kind of wholesale mechanical-system changes TNE made -- I'm actually very fond of the MT task system and would adopt it virtually unmodified. What I had in mind are areas like Trade and World Creation. In the wake of GT's 'First In' and 'Far Trader,' the CT/MT/T4 approaches in these areas are looking awfully creaky.

Obviously in the core rules we'd want simpler, less detailed systems than those books, but the need for playable simplicity shouldn't lead us to just dust off the same tired old Book 3 systems. If Traveller is to remain a legitimate sf vision and not simply 70s-retro a proactive attempt needs to be made to keep the game concepts as current and 'up-to-date' as possible.