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I think if past versions are to be used as a guideline for T5, MT should be used as a model above T4, but hopefully it won't slavishly follow either.

Although indifferently executed, MT at least made an honest attempt to integrate all of the rules into a single, cohesive system. T5 needs more, not less, of this philosophy. To me, T4 felt like a retreat into the past, with too much carried over directly from CT and too many patched-together 'fixes.' By contrast, T5 must be a bold move into the future.

I humbly suggest that MT, not T4 (or 'The Traveller Book') be used as the baseline from which revisions and improvements are made. Sure MT had problems, not all of them editorial, but I still feel it was a move in the proper direction. T4, by rejecting this development and returning to CT as a baseline, tried to re-invent the wheel, and ended up with a slipshod wheel-copy.

As Marc's T5 Vision states, CT will still exist as an option for those who prefer its simple, 'classic' style. Therefore, I see no need for T5 to hew as close to its CT roots as both MT and T4 tried to -- the goal behind T5 should be making the best possible game system, maintaining what 'works' from previous editions, but unafraid to make aggressive changes and improvements where warranted. CT was a product of the 1970s; T5 must be able to hold up into the 2010s.