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Red Rahm admitted to Traveller being an influence on Better Born (an RPG by Red Rahm and Conrad Hillmer). Red is now writing stories in that setting.

Bill Kieth wrote for Traveller, and writes SF professionally now.

Nyrath is Winchell Chung, who is an illustrator and futurist. And a member here.

One of the guys who wrote short stories for SJG's Audoduel Quarterly, John M. Ford, has a couple credits in Traveller products as a playtester, and released a couple of pretty travelleresque Star Trek novels. (Including "How much for just the planet?")

Of course, we must mention Chuck Ganon, who openly admits to traveller inspirations.

While there's no evidence of Traveller itself, Bujold's Vorkosiverse has many similar tropes. Lots of habitable worlds, multiple jumps to get places, automation can't replace people, and the general tech level are all close matches.
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