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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
I have heard speculation about Firefly/Serenity being influenced by either Joss Whedon or some of his writers playing Traveller - anybody know of confirmation of that?
Joss Whedon said that Firefly was based on a sci-fi role-playing game he played in college and Civil War book he read. It's similar enough that I've suspected him of owning both The Traveller Book and The Traveller Adventure. The NPC/Casual Encounter 'Shawna' in The Traveller Book is very close to the character 'Saffron' and I believe that NPC/Casual Encounter only shows up in The Traveller Book.

Joss Whedon was born in '64 (according to IMDB) and probably graduated High School in '82. The only Sci-Fi rpgs that I know of that were out then were Traveller, Star Frontiers, and FASA Star Trek. WEGs Star Wars came out in '86 or '87.

But no, there's no confirmation it was Traveller.
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