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Default Traveller influence on other SF

Aside from fiction that acknowledges being Traveller influenced, I wonder how much other current SF - written or movies/TV - is influenced by Traveller? Does anyone know of writers not writing in an ATU, but nonetheless acknowledging influences from the game?

I have heard speculation about Firefly/Serenity being influenced by either Joss Whedon or some of his writers playing Traveller - anybody know of confirmation of that?

I'm currently reading Melissa Scott's "Mighty Good Road" (only 1/3 into it, so no spoilers please!) and at many points it just sounds like a Traveller adventure - freelance "salvage" troubleshooters retained by a megacorp to go find out what happened to one of their operations on a backwater planet after the original investigation failed - and I keep running into terms and phrases that I think of as Traveller-ish: steward, J-o-T, a few others I don't recall. I know these are also standard English words and phrases, but in the context they just set off my "Traveller radar".
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