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Originally Posted by Carlobrand View Post
I wonder ...

A. if it responds to acceleration the way it responds to gravity,


B. if one set up two artificial gravity fields with one perpendicular to the other, would it effectively explode along the "edge" created by those fields?

If both A and B, it has potential as a weapon. Set up a field perpendicular to the axis of thrust, have the missile do a flyby, the explosion hits like a pickaxe.
A. Assuming it follows Relativity, there is no local way to distinguish acceleration and gravity--so it should. Unless it's from a snooty part of quantum mechanics that refuses to acknowledge how things are all relative.

B. On the other hand, combining two acceleration vectors gives one resultant, so you're out of luck. Unless it's a 4-D space plenum, and you can spin it in two perpendicular directions simultaneously . . .
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