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Thanx for the correction on high-tech LOS. As for the chatter, I live within scanner range of the Port of Los Angeles and the channel between Catalina Island and the mainland. Some of those yachties make most CB'ers seem downright civil, especially on long holiday weekends.

The Coast Guard keeps tight reign on the calling and emergency channels, but the rest of the non-commercial freqs seem to be filled with civilians just 'playing sailor' for a few hours.

Amateur radio in the L.A. area seems to consist of old men talking about the good old days when people still built their own rigs; younger folks bragging about the size, power, and expense of their equipment; munchkins asking if anyone can hear them; and some occassional emergency traffic.

There are scanners that can follow trunked radio calls, such as what the Public Safety people use. Some of the voice info is 'inverted' rather than encrypted, but this too is easily overcome.

IMHO: I would add that below TL7 (?), there would be a lot of telegraphy, while above TL8 (?) there would be more CDMA / cellular / spread-spectrum traffic. Above TL6 (?) would be an increasing use of digital modes. This may vary IYTU.

The Tech Levels might differ depending on other factors, such as Law Level and Government type - the more restrictive forms would be VERY concerned about sophisticated high-tech communications equipment in civilian hands.

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