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First, a little background:

I been involved in electronics communications since the late seventies. Since then, I earned 3 different FCC communications licenses. I was in the Navy as an electronics technician, and ran a MARS station as a collateral duty before satellite cellular nearly killed it off. Now I work for a state-run administration that operates toll roads in California, keeping their RFID, RF telemetry, and voice/data communications links running.

Now for some answers:

1) Navy Space Maneuvers: Likely to be spread-spectrum (if RF-based), with frequency-hopping and direct encryption. In the unlikely event that such a signal was intercepted, it would only appear as a slight increase in background noise over a broad band of frequencies - you would only hear a slightly louder static hiss. Even with a broadband FM receiver, the freq-hop and encryption protocols would only yield a lot of 'monkey chatter' as different stations vie for the same bandspace. Laser and meson wave would likely be treated the same.

2) Ground Troops & System Defense: Same as Navy comms, with different emphasis and frequencies.

3) Customs: Simple encryption (if any) with prosigns and buzzwords, like the HF Q-code and the police 10-code. "Thuh-REE delta seven, Two AL-fah wun; XTP your zed on a ten-thirty-three. Break. SO is 'Trader Jim', code NINE-er NINE-er oh-MEE-gah. Break. He's code four. how copy?" "AL-fah wun, delta seven, we copy code four on one 'Trader Jim'." "Roger delta seven..."

(Translation: Trader Jim is declared harmless, and may pass through customs unchallenged.)

4) Port Authority: Usually plain english (galanglic), with navigation instructions to ship, weather conditions, and rules of the road.

5) Dock Yard: "Hey, Mike! Swing that boom over here for a CHT hook-up... and I mean NOW! She leaking crap all over the yard..."

6) Scout: Would likely be mostly telemetry and coded email, with voice traffic requesting clearances, docking instructions, and hotel/dinner reservations. XBoat traffic would be at a higher burst rate, but with essentially the same protocols.

7) Merchant: As per scout, but at lower data rates. Data would consist of manifest numbers, routing information, and inquiries into next outgoing shipments.

8) Civilian: "SHEE-YOOT! Dadjia see the haedlights on her? I bet she could putcher eyes out at twennie parsecks! Day-yam! I like to get my hands on her control systems!"

(Translation: "Nice ship. Impressive gun mounts. I wonder if I can sign on?")

... IMHO.
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