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“I can’t see shit.”

“Stick to the plan, Jones.”

Darkseer on point. Don’t bunch up. See a glowing growler, don’t ask him for an ID.”

“Torches, everybody.”

“Anzhelika, take position inside and above the hangar doors.”

“Back out, back out, back out! That’s riot foam. Get it on you when it hardens, and you’re stuck tight.”

“It’s filling up the corridors.”

“Let it. We’ll cut through after it’s hardened.”

“They’re howling again, Jak!”

“Everybody stay calm. It means that they’ve begun their Hunt. It’s when they’re quiet that they’re about to attack.”

“Jak, I kin veel Vargr minds, many ov dem coming. Vitout veer.”

“Form up and ready a killing field! Get in position. Move it!”

“Psi-squealer is chirping. Watch for that witch and cap your PsiShields!”

“You’re just reading our psyker.”

“Whoa-whoa-WHOA! The starship elevator is moving! It’s rising up from below us.”

“Back off, back off!”

“No ship, but what is that? And where are the growlers? Angelmaker?

“Dey stop, but now moving back. Retreating deep.”

“Looks like somebody’s passenger luggage.”

“Geiger counter. Now. Oh shit. Run!”


“Go go go!”

“Ejected! High up in micrograv-! Coming back down. Momma....”

“This is Rook. Anyone alive? Sound off.”


“Jak, Jones, Anzhelika, anybody?”

“It’s the EMP, Rook. It’s fried everything in that blast that wasn’t Cage=45 or better. Saw it on one of my earlier field report missions. But it means the Cwn Annwn are just as fried.”

“Pulling into what’s left of the surface bunker. Melt damage. I’m activating the Nuclear Damper to push back the radiation.”

“I see Jak, Rook. Stop the G-Carrier. We’re lucky the backup, portable Fusion+ was able to restart the Vehicle.”

“The mechanical, emergency containment doors have dropped. There’s air outside. Not nice air, but we can open suits and save some of ours.”

“This is Rook on loudspeaker. We’re coming. Don’t panic and don’t fire weapons.”

“Anzhelika! You’re alive.”

“Da. Bareness. Vas behind heavy bulkhead. Gauss rifle now spare parts.”

“Here. This is an AntiRad.”

“Jak? Jak can you hear me?”

“B-barely. My ears are ringing like a three-ring circus.”

“Anzhelika, take command until I can hear properly.”

“Da! Yes, sir. You heer Jak. Who iz left?”
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