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Originally Posted by Carlobrand View Post
Considered that one once. Triggered a discussion where people pointed out that new tech was often less expensive than older tech, this computer I'm typing on being an example.
That is certainly true when you are dealing with sales taking place at or near the manufacturing location.
However, if the point of sale is a significant distance from the manufacturing point, then the price is dominated by supply and demand considerations instead of cost to manufacture.

For an in game example (extreme case): imagine a tech 11 world (call it Farb) out in the middle of a rift. There is a jump 5 route that connects Farb to a region with more densely packed stars. Occasionally a J5 or J6 ship may pass through Farb, though not often. Farb can and does produce J2 ships used for reaching the handful of planets that are in range.
Back in the more densely populated region tech 15+ planets are fairly common, and tech 14 J2 ships are, on average, cheaper than tech 11 J2 ships of similar size and capability. However on Farb tech 14 J2 ships will cost many, many times more than an equivalent tech 11 J2 ship because there will be so very few of them, but everyone will want one.
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