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Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
Type A pp/md m-rating/fuel requirement 2g/20t in a 100t ship, 1g/10t in a 200t ship.

My explanation - the maneuver drive field (which encompasses the volume of the ship) reduces the inertial mass of the ship such that in a 100t ship the thrust component of the engine (fusion rocket) can achieve 2g. Put the same engine/machinery in a ship with twice the volume/mass and you can only achieve 1g so you use less 'fuel' reaction mass.
Sort of reasonable, but the fuel use should still be proportional to [mass (volume) * acceleration]. Then again, the rule is unreasonable (it's for game effect, not realism) so the handwave doesn't need to be reasonable either...
1 the ships in Beltstrike are LBB2 designs, even the 5000t mining platform is described as having type W drives.
2 in original CT 77 the pp fuel was replaced every jump as well as the jump fuel, there was no four week duration.
That's a really high burn rate... which brings me to:
Originally Posted by boomslang View Post
Much like getting rid of "M-drives as energy weapons" when moving from HG1 to HG2, while retconning gravitics-based propulsion (to replace the original, terrifying idea of HEPlaR-based M-drives) into Basic Traveller so that PCs aren't setting entire ecosystems ablaze in fits of pique over inflated berthing fees, for example.
The LBB2 maneuver drive always felt to me as though it was intended as an thrust-producing attachment to the power plant, especially in the '77 edition where only the maneuver drive needed a power plant.

Where the other drive letter tonnage formulae were "X*(ordinal value of drive letter)+Y= tons" (i.e. Jump: 5*letter+5=tons, Power: 3*letter+1=tons) maneuver drives were 2*letter minus 1=tons. The first two imply that those drives are made up of a constant-size component and a variable-size component that scales with output. The third implies that the maneuver drive has a variable-size component with a hole in the middle that's always 13.5m3 -- like a rocket nozzle!
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