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Originally Posted by Grav_Moped View Post
Seems to me that the Beltstrike fuel consumption rules were built with High Guard ships in mind (at the very least, written so they wouldn't invalidate HG designs), which is why they look silly when applied to a converted Type S.
I am not at all convinced of that explicitly as such. The Type J is included right there in the module; the only tacit acknowledgement of High Guard in Beltstrike is the mention that 5000-dton Type NS Mining Platforms get transported to the systems in which they are stationed by some sort of even bigger transport -- hence, Book 5 is assumed, necessary background chrome, but the adventure is clearly aimed at PCs with a Book 2 vessel -- by default, a Type A2 named Go For Broke.

I note that Beltstrike is intended as a Starter Traveller adventure (it says as much in the intro on page 2 of the Belter's Handbook); Book 5 is not mentioned anywhere in the entire module (and Book 6 is only mentioned once in passing).

The waters are further muddied by the idea that small craft are useable for prospecting (see dead-tree editions of JTAS, for example, from which Beltstrike was eventually drawn), and are, by the time of ST/BT/DT/TTB, pretty clearly using B5 fuel requirements (and power plant output calculations of EP to support weaponry and computer installations -- but that is a separate ). The fuel consumption rates from Beltstrike are consistent with small craft operations as well, suggesting that the consumption rate(s) were informed by High Guard and then retconned into the Basic Traveller context of Beltstrike.

The (canonical, if we must use such a word) evidence therefore suggests that Book 2 ships in practice consume a fraction of the power plant fuel they are required to carry. (As I have mentioned elsewhere, I figure the overly-generous 10Pn requirement is so that planetary navies are not constantly tasked with diverting resources to rescue cheapskate traders who have shaved their costs so thin that, due to the vagaries of astrogation, they have run out of fuel and are now adrift and on batteries. You fly with less than 10Pn at your own risk, as it were.)

I see the fuel consumption rules in Beltstrike as a later attempt by GDW to establish some consistency between B2 and B5 ships by specifying in more detail how the former operate, in a manner consistent with how the latter do. So, not so much with B5 ships "in mind" as "in light of stuff we finally got around to looking closely at when we wrote HG2 that has implications for the entire OTU" I would venture.

Much like getting rid of "M-drives as energy weapons" when moving from HG1 to HG2, while retconning gravitics-based propulsion (to replace the original, terrifying idea of HEPlaR-based M-drives) into Basic Traveller so that PCs aren't setting entire ecosystems ablaze in fits of pique over inflated berthing fees, for example. B5 and B2 are clearly in conversation with each other, despite not being in harmony. But Beltstrike per se is pretty B5-agnostic.
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