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Originally Posted by kilemall View Post
Just a question-

the workstation metaphor is quite lovely as a way to build out bridges and sensor/gunnery suites, but aren't you going to end up with a bunch of empty chairs in most cases?
Typically in the smallest of ships, yes you will. Mandatory might be:

1 console for the sensors.
1 console for the pilot-astrogator.
1 console for the ship's computer.
2 ad hoc.

The Scout's bridge is chopped into two pieces, with the sensor station upstairs, and essentially a cockpit as the main bridge. But I didn't want to go all the way to T5's model: I wanted to keep the bridge volume choice simpler.

Of course, I figure they're not specialized, so anyone can access anything unless the captain locks them out. And the engineer will probably usually be in the engineering room, as you mention.

As for battle stations, I suggest there is a benefit (a +DM) to having the gunners on the bridge, and sometimes you might want the engineers there, too. But Mileage Does Vary.
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