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Just a question-

the workstation metaphor is quite lovely as a way to build out bridges and sensor/gunnery suites, but aren't you going to end up with a bunch of empty chairs in most cases?

Even at all all hands on deck/battle stations the engineering guys alone are going to be in the engineering hull or damage control, some of the gunners will be reloading missiles and you don't need multiple astrogators at once.

I could buy redundancy for battle damage, but reading between the lines seems like these stations are dedicated for purposes, I would think instead the tendency would be towards swappable functions, so the ship doesn't lose maneuver just because the pilot station is blown away, etc.

Looking at small crews, the navigator or gunner is most likely to sit scanning shifts, but with times that the pilot will have to cover that too. The engineer will likely have hands full being the lone person on drives, and medics or stewards are less likely to have the skill sets involved. Configurable stations would be at a premium here too.

I'm guessing the captain and sometimes the pilot is going to have to be the computer officer on small ships, so the master computer console should also be assignable (likely by the captain and XO alone).
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