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Originally Posted by Golan2072 View Post
I like this very much!

By the way what are the rules for using the new weapons in combat? Are they meant to be used in HG?
I haven't proven them yet, but general rules are:

Hit Location Chart

(1) Each ship has a hit location table with 11 entries, labelled 2 thru 12, and identified as per Classic Traveller. The generic one in CT suffices for general purposes. Or, place components like so:

* The drives are clustered around location 7 for typical ships.

* Weapons, being surface mounted, "share" locations with the other components, and are divided evenly between all locations. If you have 22 emplacements, then each hit location has 2 of them.

* All other major components (bridge, computer, crew, fuel, etc) may be placed wherever.

* Fuel requires one location per 10% of the volume. 40% volume to fuel = 4 hit locations. Fuel may also "share" a location, if need be.

Emplacement Power

(3) Similar to the Pulse Laser - Beam Laser divide, Barbettes and Bays split their benefits between a +DM to hit and extra ('strafe') damage.

'Strafe' is where a hit damages subsequent hit locations, forward of the actual hit location. Strafing "forward" means the hit location chart is skewed in probability, creating safer spots at lower values.

A 'Critical' hit is where all components at a hit location are all damaged by an attack.

Turrets get no DM. They do 1 hit per beam laser at that hit location, and 2 hits per pulse laser.
* Pulse laser turrets have a DM-1 to hit.

Single barbettes get a DM+1, do 3 hits, and strafe 2 additional hits into the next forward location.
Dual barbettes get a DM+2, do 4 hits, and strafe 3 additional hits into the next forward location.

Bays get a DM+3, do 1 critical hit, and strafe 1 additional critical hits "forward".
LBays get a DM+4, do 1 critical hit, and strafe 2 additional critical hits "forward".


(3a) Multiple emplacements with the same weapon types can be slaved into a battery with one designated "controlling" weapon. They use the lowest DM and TL of the group, and sum together their damage ratings. Pulse lasers cannot be in batteries.


2D = Range or better to hit. The typical attack range for small starships is 7.
+ emplacement DM
+ TL difference
- [Armor/5] (I'll have to think about that)

I recommend rolling FOUR Traveller5 dice: two black, and two red. The red dice are the attack task. The black dice is the hit location.


(4) A hit at a location damages one random item at that location, with a flat probability (e.g. a 1D table with no empty slots).
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