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OK, I did the Hiver Explorer: it is borkne. Question: should I be using 1st or 2nd edition LBB2, or TTB?

Using CT Book 2 2ed:

1. The drives given in AM7 won't fit into the allocated 15 dTon drive section of the 200 ton hull. The drives total 40 tons (J-D=25 + M-D=5 + PP=10 = 40).
2. The ship build time in LBB2 2ed for a 200 dTon hull is 12 months; CT AM7 states 11 months.
3. By my calculations, the ship comes out at MCr 123.1; CT AM7 says MCr 113.1.
4. There are 10 staterooms; 5 for crew + 5 for passengers. CT AM7 says that double occupancy allows 15 total onboard - incorrect? Should be 20? Not sure.

I also still need to apply all the changes for Hiver ships listed on p. 38.

More to come.

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