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Default PS. You're right, his UPP would go up a bit, because of college and medical school.

Originally Posted by McPerth View Post
Now let's asume a 26 years old, college trained, Medical School, just graduated Doctor, trying a medical task:
  • In T4, EDU will be 15 (even if he began with 4, the mínimum for college, he'd earned +4 at college, +1 for honors, +6 at Medical School, and medic skill 3. So its target number wil lbe 18, he can dafely handle any task up to Formidable (3d6) ,and even an Impossible task (4d6) wil lbe quite safe for him....
You're right, his UPP would go up a bit, because of college and medical school. However, what I have failed to communicate is that in your example above, his Education does not go up by (+4+1+6) = 11. In the character generation system I am suggesting, these are characteristic points, and are also spent on a geometrically increasing scale. In the system I describe, his Education begins at 5. He has spent no more points on Education, (in fact you advised against it earlier.) It costs 6 points to bring up his Education to a value of 6. And he has 5 character points left over he can apply later to Education if he so chooses. After completing medical school, his UPP is 555D65.

Skills are also bought on the same geometrically increasing scale. Assuming he studied medicine all four years in college, he would graduate with 4 skill points in Medical. Assuming he then goes on to Medical School, and spends all four years continuing his study in Medicine, he has accumulated a total of 8 skill points in Medical. He spends the first on Medical-1, two more to bring his skill to Medical-2, and three more to bring his skill to Medical-3. This takes 6 skill points, he has 2 left over to use later. In the examples I talked about above, this qualifies him as a Physicians' Assistant. (Granted, with his Intelligence of 13, he's a damn good one! He would have a target number of 13+3 = 16.) However, it will take two more years of training, (i.e. two more skill points,) with his two left over from medical school to raise his skill to Medical-4, at which point he would qualify as a licenced medical doctor, for a total of 10 years of study. (And given his 13 Intelligence, he's got to be one of the best in the galaxy!)
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